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Meeting the Needs of Twice Exceptional Children 

Certificate Program 2015-16 


Directors: Kimberly Busi, M.D. and Ellen Richer, Ed. D.

Program Director: Heather Goldman, Ph.D. 


This twelve-month, integrated training program combines didactic and hands-on training in best practices of gifted education, special education, psychology, child and adolescent psychiatry, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy for gifted children with special needs. Successful completion of the program confers the Certificate in Meeting the Needs of Twice Exceptional Children.  This is intended for individuals who already have experience in their chosen profession and who want to deepen their understanding and expertise in working with Twice Exceptional Children.



• Small Group: Individual Child Goals and Strategies with Site Supervisors

• Individual - once weekly with Site Supervisors

• Weekly Group Supervision - Program Advisors



Growth During the Program will be assessed by:

• Written exams

• Clinical work and/or lesson plans

• Supervisors Written Evaluations

• Observations demonstrating mastery in clinical and educational methods

CALENDAR  2017-18


  • April 1- June 25: Required Reading Completed

  • June 19 - June 30: (9am-5pm) Training

  • July 3- Aug 11: Monday - Friday (8am-5pm) - Full Time Summer Placements

  • August 11: (Saturday, 9am - 5 pm)-Camp Break Down

  • August 16-September 6: Vacation

  • September 5: School Year Placements



1. Year Long Didactic Program Year long didactics in all disciplines


2. Placements

Full Time: Full Time Trainees will be placed as lead or assistant teachers in The Quad Manhattan's 6 week Summer Program in July and August. Then, they will be assigned either as paid Core Teachers in The Quad Preparatory School for Twice Exceptional Learners or as Psychosocial Interns in same program. Full Time Positions as Core Teachers are PAID with benefits. Intern positions are not paid OR paid on a scale commensurate with level of experience.

Part Time: Part-time Trainees will be placed as lead teachers in The Quad Manhattan's 6 week Summer Program in July and August. They will then be placed in afterschool classes if currently employed at another school, or as Psychosocial Interns in The Quad Preparatory School. Part Time positions are most often UNPAID.


3. Field Supervision plus Program Mentoring/Advisement

Quad Faculty who are experts in 2e supervises all aspects of the Program: including psychiatrists, special and gifted educators, clinical psychologists, speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists.


4. Research Project

Trainees participate in an original, yearlong research project.



1. To be considered for a FULL TIME PAID position as Summer Lead Teacher plus School Year Lead or Assistant Teacher:

A Special Educator with at least one year classroom teaching experience, a Psychologist or a Master's Level Speech and Language Therapist.

2. To be considered for Full or Part-Time Volunteer position: must be a candidate in a doctoral psychology program or master's level counseling, education, LCSW, SLP or OT candidate or students applying for doctoral level training with at least 2 years experience working with children with special needs.



1. 2 years experience working in camps or schools of similar settings with special needs children and/or adolescents

2. Proven academic excellence in Undergraduate Studies

3. Very strong collaborative, flexible and unflappable demeanor

4. Strong commitment to ALL requirements - do not apply if you cannot participate in training plus all 6 weeks of Summer Camp plus hours for school/afterschool

placement as above.



• Resume

• Official Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts

• Detailed Personal Statement outlining your qualifications for and learning goals of the program

• 3 Letters of Reference

• Mail or Email ALL Required Items to:

Dr. Melissa Malakoff

25 Pine Street NY, NY 10005


Applications for the 2017-18 year are DUE February 15, 2017. 


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