Join The Quad Manhattan 2e Experts for monthly parent workshops where we dive into issues affecting YOU, parents of 2e children! Browse dates and topics below. Contact Ashley Riviere, Managing to enroll today! (

Semester I: Sept.-Dec. 2019

Tuesdays, Location TBA

11:30 AM-1:00 PM


Strengths-Based Perspective

9/10/19 & 9/24/19

The basis of all TQM programming is rooted in the strengths of the students. Learn how to use your child's gifts and talents to teach and reinforce skills around the house and at school. Master advocacy strategies for working with your team to find & create successful moments everyday for your child.

Executive Functioning Language

10/8/19 & 10/22/29

Much of what your child learns at TQM has it's own unique lingo. Learning these tools provides a common language for skill development and brings self-awareness to your child's needs.

Behavioral Management/Frustration tolerance

11/12/19 & 11/19/19

One of the most highly requested talks, behavioral intervention begins with prevention and proactive tools & language. While kids are still learning to cope, parents need a toolkit of their own to diffuse intense moments of emotional dysregulation at home.

Stress Management

12/3/19 & 12/17/19

Adults have their own way of coping that has taken years to develop, but nobody's perfect! Learn how to effectively apply techniques used by TQM staff to keep it together at times when stress hits your family.

Semester II: Jan.-Apr. 2020

Topics & Dates TBA

Instructors bring years of experience to parent workshops.