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The Quad Manhattan maintains partners in the community who also serve 2e children to meet our mission of serving the needs of 2e students everywhere. The Quad works with these companies to provide professional development in meeting the needs of 2e students, co-teach after school classes, and at summer camp! Check out the partners below.


Since the summer of 2016, The Quad Manhattan has teamed up with Maker State to provide cutting-edge technology classes specifically geared toward meeting the needs of 2e children. With Maker State's engaging science, technology, engineering, and math programs, along with The Quad Manhattan's team of expert psychosocial teachers, students have created unforgettable projects in robotics, coding, and Web design. 


Special Programs in Occupational Therapy Services (SPOTS) provides exceptional occupational therapy to students served by The Quad Manhattan, as well as professional development to The Quad Manhattan team on integrating therapeutic techniques in the after school and summer camp classrooms. Their providers communicate directly with the psychosocial teams to share each child's OT goals and ways to implement individualized strategies.


Physique Swimming has been providing after camp and after school swim for The Quad Manhattan students since the summer of 2015, and what fun it has been! The instructors and directors at Physique are in constant communication with The Quad Manhattan's supervising staff to better understand the needs of our learners, as well as actively participating in each child's individual psychosocial goals and strategies, while executing exceptional private and group swim instruction.

Click here for current Physique After School Programming with The Quad Manhattan.

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