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Executive Functioning Coaching

EF Coaching at The Quad Manhattan is provided by expert teachers and related professionals with background in the above listed areas. The Quad Manhattan's program offers a unique alternative to typical EF training sessions, providing hands-on presentation of information in new ways to meet the needs of 2e learners. The Quad Manhattan believes that by presenting gifted children who learn differently with high level material in a different way enables them to find new information and become advocates for their learning.


Skill Building In...

  • time management

  • organization

  • task management

  • systems at home and school

  • sustained attention

Sessions start at $165 per hour and are billed monthly. EF Coaching is done on site at both our Financial District and Tribeca locations, as well as in the child's home environment, or within the child's school, depending on family need. Coaching may begin and end at any time throughout the semester. Daily start times vary (typically between 3 and 7 PM) with coach availability and family need.

All coaches are best matched to each individual child. Please inquire to to get started! 

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