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See what Quad Manhattan parents and students have to say about programs and services. The experience speaks for itself!

"School is off to a good start. [Our daughter] is regulating herself better. I attribute some of that to camp! She's progressing." -Quad Summer Camp Parent

"Our son has attended 5 camps in 6 summers. Some were very good and some were very bad, but they all had one thing in common, they could not deal with his diagnosis. Some tried hard but just couldn't get him, and some just didn't care. We spent each day dreading a phone call from the camp with some disappointing report. One summer camp just gave up when their only, rigid system didn't work and asked us not to send him back. The Quad Camp's professionals met our son, used their knowledge and experience to figure him out and never gave up. They were never afraid of his diagnosis.  He had the best camp experience of his life, enjoying activities we would never have thought to try with him (capoeira) and even making friends (always a challenge for him). We, in turn, had the most relaxing, worry-free summer of our lives." -Quad Summer Camp Parent

"[Our son] enjoyed himself and learned a good deal.  It was a joy to see him depart happily for camp each day and to see all the great activities/projects he did. I also appreciated and was impressed by the final reports. I will certainly forward them to [our son's school] and share them with [our son's related service provider]." -Quad Summer Camp Parent


"Thanks again for a very enjoyable and rewarding summer experience!"-Quad Summer Camp Parent

"[Tutoring] is helping him with his confidence as well as performance. It is very special work that you do." -Quad Manhattan Tutoring Parent

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