Family Assistance

The Quad Manhattan is pleased to announce the Family Assistance program for working parents who are in need of summer camp options for twice exceptional learners. We look forward to helping your children and your family, but we need your cooperation. In order to be considered for the Family Assistance program, you must submit the following documents.


  1. Financial Aid Application Form

  2. Complete online Camp Application with supporting documentation such as a neuropsychological evaluation, IEP, OT, Speech, PT evaluations, and most recent school reports.

  3. Most recent Tax Return (submit your full return, not just your W-2 forms)

  4. Canceled Check and/or other proof of Rent/Mortgage and Household Payments

  5. Copy of Rental Lease/Mortgage

  6. Two most recent Pay Stubs

  7. $95 Registration Fee (not subject to financial assistance)

  8. $25 Financial Aid Application Fee

  9. Unpaid Balance from any TQM program (if applicable)


After we review your application, The Quad Manhattan will notify you regarding your monthly payment. Family assistance awards and reduced fees are granted for tuition only. Until your funding is approved, you will be responsible for your child’s tuition in full amount. Financial Aid is granted between 10-20% off of total tuition. If your family requires additional funding, you will be placed on a waiting list until enrollment is complete (typically mid-June). In the event of a robust enrollment, The Quad Manhattan may be able to disburse upwards of 30-35% total tuition assistance.


Any questions may be directed to Managing Director, Ashley Riviere at (585)298-7306 or email