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  • Kim Busi

Teachers in Training

Each summer, The Quad Manhattan Summer Camp Staff undergoes a two-week-series of trainings in the latest best-practice in 2e education. The staff is comprised of highly qualified educators and psychologists-in-training to provide exceptional services to 2e children.

This week, Senior Core Teacher, Nicole Cavaliere, is presenting on 'grit,' a favorite term on campus, that means resilience and overcoming obstacles for all campers at The Quad Manhattan.

At The Quad Manhattan's 6-week Summer Camp program, children participate in a series of challenging lessons, ranging from coping with anxiety, to emotional regulation techniques, attention focus activities, executive functioning tasks, and more. The Quad celebrates what is hard for every child because, "without weaknesses, there would be no strengths," said Dr. Kim Busi, Founder. "2e children are incredibly resilient and [the teachers] learn to harness each child's 'stick with it' attitude so that everyone is successful."

S.T.I.C. stands for "Show That I Can," a concept that The Quad Manhattan has adopted from Coping Cats (2000), a cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) program for children with anxiety. At the end of each summer, camp ends with the "S.T.I.C" Olympic Games, where kids choose activities that were particularly challenging, practice them, and showcase their accomplishments to teachers, families, and new friends.

"Ask anybody at camp what our saying is and they'll tell you: 'we're all working on something,'" said Cavaliere. Cavaliere (above, center) has served 2e children at The Quad Manhattan since 2014 as a core teacher in summer camp and after school. To read more about Cavaliere or other teachers, click here.

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