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  • Ashley Riviere

TQM Introduces the Psychosocial Intern Class of 2023

The Quad Manhattan introduces the psychosocial internship class of 2023 to families and friends. Each year, The Quad Manhattan brings undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from all over the United States to gain a valuable hands-on learning experience in psychology and best practices in twice-exceptional, or 2e, education.

This year's group boasts 11 candidates from 9 different colleges and universities, their studies ranging from psychology, to speech and language therapy, social work, occupational therapy, cognitive sciences, linguistics, engineering and dual studies in American history, religion, women, gender, and sexuality studies, and government. Although these impressive rising professionals join TQM with a variety of experiences, they all have one thing in common; a passion for working with kids and outstanding credentials.

Eleanor VanRheenen (Swarthmore `24) said, "I feel excited about a future as a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist. I feel the career will allow me to combine many of my interests such as linguistics, disability advocacy, and caring for kids. The Quad Manhattan’s internship will allow me to get immersive experience in an environment with [differently abled] children to better understand what a career as an SLP might look like."

Nicole Miara, Trinity College Undergraduate in Psychology class of 2024) said her long-term career goal is to be a child psychotherapist. She has volunteered at nonprofits that work with children who come from underserved communities, whether that be teaching children English in a small village in Thailand, working with her college’s neighboring elementary school and helping the students in special education classrooms navigate online classes during the pandemic, or working with elementary school children in the summer where she helped them catch up to their grade level and even exceed it.

Miara said, "Through an internship at The Quad Manhattan I can gain experience in a field that I ultimately want to work in for the rest of my life. Coming from an underserved background myself, I understand the importance of mental health support and how imperative it is for one’s future. By being able to work one-on-one with students during the eight weeks, I will not only be preparing myself for my future career, but will provide the support that is necessary for children that are twice exceptional."

Returning to join the class of 2023 is Abigail Minkove, Quad Psychosocial Intern Class of 2022. Abigail, or "Abby" served last summer in the Core 2 classroom along side core teacher and school psychologist, Fabiola Ngjeci. Abby rose to the top of her class in 2022 and was selected to return as Chief Intern this summer. Chief Intern is awarded to the intern who demonstrates outstanding abilities throughout their summer at Quad. It is a paid position that grants additional time and study under the direct supervision of Dr. Ben Klein, our supervising psychologist.

Click here to read more about these incredible individuals.

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