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  • Ashley Riviere

Virtual Camp: Preliminary Details

Based on the feedback from the community, The Quad Manhattan announces the following changes and updates to the program for Summer 2020.

Reduced tuition price: $9,945.00-->$6,945.00

Introducing ELECTIVES: modeled after our Quad Squad class after school, TQM experts have been developing exciting new classes that are completely project based to integrate their core social/emotional and executive functioning skills! Browse the tentative list here.

Introducing SNACK & LUNCH SOCIAL: Just like our in-camp snack and lunch times, teachers have designed mini activities for your children to participate in while sharing their favorite snacks with friends. Before your child connects, they will be responsible for setting up a snack in front of the computer, and logging in. Then, the kids will interact and learn eating etiquette and how to clean up after themselves. We recommend keeping their snack in the same spot everyday in an area of the house that is accessible to them without needing to come to you! Pack it snack and lunch together in the morning with your camper, just as you would for a normal camp day.

Summer Slide: TQM has taken into account your child’s recent lag in academics and has designed two new components to support. 

  • Electives (above) will integrate educational-like components to reinforce reading, writing, and STEM skills naturally in the way they are designed. For instance, our theater program will incorporate creative writing, editing, and presentation while our tech program will emphasize the same reasoning and mathematics skills that your teachers are sending home currently. 

  • Tutoring & Academic Intervention: an optional add-on service, will engage campers with experts in reading, writing, and math intervention at the individualized level. If your child has specialized learning needs such as a learning disability, dyslexia, or others, your family may consider joining this option. Since we are now able to connect with experts all over the country who may not have been able to work at camp before, these services are available daily. Please contact Ashley immediately to discuss options for your child. 

FUNky Fridays will take the place of field trips! We have added a series of electives for fun on Fridays. These mixed-age classes will be selected by your child.

Organized movement activities to minimize "screen time." Our core class, specials, and Friday electives will include activities that are not only screen-based. Your child will connect with their class to complete these activities. Our class, “outdoor time” has been postponed to next summer. See more info below!

Organized playdates after camp hours (2-5 pm, add-on service): Just like our traditional aftercare program, families may sign up for extra hours where your child can engage in structured play with their peers from camp! Inquire to Ashley ( for more information, or to sign up.

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