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Summer Program for Quad Prep Students ONLY at The Quad Manhattan


The Quad Prep division, at The Quad Manhattan Summer Program, serves the needs of twice-exceptional (2e) children for continuous learning and psychosocial/emotional and executive functioning skills develop through high interest and talent-based classes. The Quad Prep division offers a decreased ratio of students to teachers per group to 2:1 (rather than 3:1) and thus more support within the classroom, longer sessions of talent development, related services provided by Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, and Counselors, and core integration into talent development.


Children are grouped with their best peer matches from The Quad Prep School, who also have similar interests. Each group will take part in summer-long adapted Enrichment Clusters (Renzulli) specialized activities, chosen by them and week-long project-based courses in their interest area.

Quad Prep division students practice their skills in the community on weekly field trips, chaperoned by psychosocial experts to further generalize the social/emotional learning and executive functioning skills learned at the program. Students learn travel training, planning, time management, organization, public speaking skills, and more through this immersive trip experience to favorited learning centers around New York City such as the Museum of Natural History, The Bronx Zoo, The Brooklyn Aquarium, MOMATH, Museum of Transit, and more.


Core, OT, speech, and counseling will be contracted through The Quad Preparatory School. Providers will become the team leaders of psychosocial case management and lead all team meetings. Mid-summer conferences will be run by this team, as well as the parents and summer program teachers.



Historically, The Quad Manhattan Summer Program has been a place for children to explore New York City with a team of highly-experienced professionals in the 2e movement and in their fields of expertise. Trips this summer will be throughout the week and based on student choice and projects in enrichment clusters, as well as longer trips to the outer boroughs.


Past Trips:

  • Surfer’s Way- surf lessons for children with special needs on Long Beach, Long Island

  • Brooklyn Aquarium

  • Solar One- NYC’s Green Energy Education Center

  • Liberty Science Center

  • Brooklyn Boulders

  • Equine Therapy Farms

  • Governor’s Island

  • Water Taxi to Brooklyn Bridge Park


Director (1): Ana Leon, MS. Ed.

Program director oversees both divisions of the summer program.


Head Teacher (1 per group)

Head teachers at The Quad Manhattan are psychosocial experts with backgrounds and certifications/licensure in special education, psychology, social work, mental health, or a combination of two or more of these expertise. This group leader will organize enrichment clusters, follow students to talent development, organize group projects, and accompany students to parks, field trips, and support their psychosocial goals and strategies. The head teacher will manage a caseload of no more than 2 students.


Psychosocial Assistant Teacher (2 per group of 10)

Psychosocial Assistant Teachers are former interns or core teachers from Quad programs such as after school and the summer program, or The Quad Preparatory School. These experts in training will work directly under the supervision of the psychosocial team at The Quad Manhattan summer program. They will manage a caseload of no more than 3 students to track psychosocial goals, strategies, and progress throughout the summer. The psychosocial assistant teacher leads regular communication with their caseload and communicates directly with The Quad Prep School related service providers to provide thorough and stable programming that is completely integrated.


EACH PREP GROUP (8 students maximum, 3 teachers, and two interns)

  • Head Teacher (1)- SPED/psychosocial (must have at least 1 year experience in either after school, summer program, or The Quad Prep School)

  • Psychosocial Assistant Teacher (2)

  • Interns (2)

  • Paraprofessionals (X)

  • Specialist Teachers (X)

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