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After School 2022-2023 

for The Quad Prep School Students

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A break from the traditional Quad Manhattan model of after school programming, classes that serve children who attend school at Quad Prep are entirely talent-based and reinforce, rather than directly teach and reinforce, the social-emotional and executive functioning skills that are developed throughout their school day. ​Quad Manhattan staff consult directly with Quad Prep clinicians regularly to carry-over the work that is being done at Quad Prep. After school for Quad Prep students still offers regular parent communication, including a monthly newsletter and twice per semester individual progress updates. Finally, classes for Quad Prep students are conveniently located within The Quad Prep facility and begin immediately following the school day Monday-Friday. Students start their afternoon with 30-45 minutes of recreational transition time where they can hang out, grab a snack, get homework help, study, or play organizing games to wind down for their after school class. Then, they transition to an activity of their choice with peers for 75-90 minutes of talent development. 

Program Dates/Times:

Spring 2023 (Jan. 4- Jun.20) 

  • Early Elementary & Lower School *3-5:30 PM Monday-Thursday, and 12-5:30 PM on Friday

  • Upper School *3:30-5:30 PM Monday-Thursday, and 12:30-3:30 PM on Friday w/ chaperoning services between Cedar and Pine. Pickup at Pine St. 

*Swimming Lesson times may effect these hours* ​click here for swimming sign ups


M-R 3-4 PM, F 12-12:45 PM: daily rec room for homework and hangout before talent development classes


  • Improvisational Theater and Theater Games ($162.50/week for LS students 3-5:30, $130/week for US students)

  • Swimming* w/ Physique (LS Students) private or group lessons 3:30-4:10

  • Swimming* w/ Physique (US Students) private or group lessons 4:10-4:50


  • Parkour, Technology ($162.50/week for LS students 3-5:30, $130/week for US students)

  • Swimming* w/ Physique (Lower School Students) private or group lessons 3:30-4:10

  • Swimming* w/ Physique (Upper School Students) private or group lessons 4:10-4:50


Animation, Dungeons and Dragons Club 

($162.50/week for LS students 3-5:30, $130/week for US students)


Culinary Arts, Dungeons and Dragons Club 

($162.50/week for LS students 3-5:30, $130/week for US students)


12:45-1:45 Chess ($130/week 12-2)

1-2 Animation, Magic the Gathering Club ($130/week 12-2)

2-5:30 Outdoor play/movement 

Cost: $65/hr for general after school activities listed above with the exception of Physique Swimming (see below), and private lessons (starting at $115/session)

*Swimming with Physique

Group or Individual Sessions

Partners in education for gifted and special needs children, Physique and The Quad Manhattan meet at Quad Prep at dismissal to walk to the pool at Lehman Prep for private group swim instruction. Students are dismissed from the pool at class end time, or chaperoned back to Quad Prep with others to join in the on campus activities until 5:30 PM at the latest. Click the link below for more information and to register with Physique Swimming! Cost for chaperoning to the pool after school is $32.50 per day and includes supervised snack (parents please pack), changing support, chaperoned walk to the pool, and poolside or in-the-water support from Quad 2e movement experts. Additional time after swimming billed at a rate of $65/hr.


Led by coding and robotics experts, technology is the place for tinker thinkers! This Quad Manhattan after school class is perfect for the logical-minded, learning code and how things work! Past projects include drone building, Ozobots, LEGO Mindstorms, Scratch coding (for kids at introductory level). ($65/hr)


Improvisational theater and production are the perfect outlets for Quad Manhattan students. This club learns how to go with the flow (think flexibly and on the fly) while playing improv games. They also tackle executive functioning skills related to planning and organization when producing full movies, plays, and musicals. ($65/hr)

Little Foodies (Early Elementary and Lower School)

Led by pastry chef Rachel Schwartz, Little Foodies explore introductory kitchen skills, textures, flavors, and more all with sensory-motor in mind! In this health and wellness driven program, students journey through the world tasting new cuisines in a safe environment where they have ownership of their meals and motivation to try new things with peers. ($65/hr)

Master Chef Jr. (Upper School)

Led by pastry chef Rachel Schwartz, students will learn kitchen skills devoted to building snack and meal prep autonomy. Students will learn creative and fun after school recipes and how to safely and independently re-create dishes at home. ($65/hr)


With our partners at Movement Creative, parkour combines movement with creativity. With a light combination of exploration, skills like climbing, jumping, crawling, and more plus play, this 90 minute session is exactly what our students need to keep in motion this Spring. ($65/hr)

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All applicants must fill out our application form (below). There will be no sharing of third party documents such as IEPs, Neuropsychological reports, etc. between Quad Prep and Quad Manhattan. Please submit these documents to The Quad Manhattan admissions team with your application (details in app). TQM will then request permission to speak with Quad Prep teachers and clinicians regarding appropriate placement with peers. Contact Managing Director, Ashley Riviere for more information ( 

Fall 2022 add-ons​

  • Homework Help ($58/hour)

  • Academic Tutoring ($115/hour+)--by referral from Quad Prep academic team only

  • Executive Functioning Coaching ($145/hour+)--by referral from Quad Prep clinical teams only

  • Private Music Lesson--Vocal/Instrumental ($115/hour+)

  • Language Tutoring ($115/hour+)

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