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Cores 1-4 (Pre-k-4th)


Core 1: Pre-k & K

Core 2: 1st-2nd grade

Core 3: 2nd-3rd grade

Core 4: 3rd-4th grade

Core Time

In morning and afternoon Core Time students work on life skills, collaborative problem solving, and friendship building in a stress-free environment. With core mates, teachers, and interns, students travel to weekly field trips, attend special classes, eat lunch, and share outdoor play in Lower Manhattan’s beautiful parts and river promenades.


Talent Development Classes

Children participate in special classes that nurture their individual strengths, ambitions, and talents between Core sessions. They are accompanied by their Core teacher and psychosocial interns to talent development groups.


  • Improvisational Theater: Through theater games, our theater specialist aids in communication and social interaction skills by encouraging students to just “go with it!”

  • Filmmaking and Animation: Honing in on fine-motor skills through meticulous development of films through Claymation and stop-motion animation, students create story-boards and productions with the help of our animation specialist, core teachers, and interns.

  • Cooking: Work together to create delicious snacks and baked goods with learned culinary skill.

  • Capoeira: Physical activity led by a certified capoeira instructor and assistant that brings the Brazilian martial-arts, music, and movement to life!

  • Fine Arts and Photography: Fine arts and photography is where creativity becomes visual! With the help of our enthusiastic instructor, students work elbow-deep with various art forms like charcoal, clay, paint, watercolor, and more!

  • Technology with Maker State!: Students delve into the world of high-tech computer software with professional robotics and STEM engineers and expert programmers to indulge high-interest gaming, robotics, physics, and web developing!

  • Reader’s Workshop: Takes students to fictional realms beyond the “typical read” and strengthening schema while sneakily developing comprehension through high-interest, leveled texts that are enjoyable by the whole group! Independent reading time mixed with read-aloud and interactive book projects are fun for all.

  • Strategy Games: Play Dungeons & Dragons; a fantasy RPG of swords & sorcery. Players think creatively and work as a team to overcome challenges, solve mysteries, complete quests, and acquire treasure and glory. Together, tell an epic story of heroism and friendship.​

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