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  • Kim Busi

Pilot Program: Options Division!

The Quad Manhattan is set to launch a new program this summer for 2e kids who know what they want!

"In past years, our campers have found joy and success in an all of our talent development classes," said Ashley Riviere, Camp Director. "So much so, that they want more of all of them, it's just a matter of one or the other!"

But how can they choose?

The Quad Manhattan Summer Camp's long-time reputation for strengths-based learning and an interest-driven environment has appealed to twice exceptional children and their parents. Kids who have been attending camp year-after-year and have refined their talents and interests begged for more and The Quad Manhattan listened. With the traditional schedule of talent development classes like coding, robotics, music, fine arts, capoeira, improvisational theater, and more, kids are finding it hard to choose. Flexible scheduling allows The Quad to offer "options": a program geared specifically for kids who want to pick their own schedules.

"I really like tech and STEM and definitely want to do improv again, but art isn't my thing anymore" said Donovan, a second-year camper.

Donovan can now chose to take these three classes more frequently throughout the week in place of an art course this summer.

"2e kids need more choice," said Founder Kim Busi, M.D.

Busi is a mother of two and speaks from personal experience raising a twice exceptional child in NYC.

Click here for more about this program.

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