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  • Kim Busi

Introducing: DRONE WEEK

This summer, The Quad Manhattan will partner with Safety Third Racing to launch a week of building, crashing, and rebuilding real life drones to solve real-world issues!

Quad campers in Options Division will learn first how to build and operate Quadcopters using Blade Inductrix (LOS Flying). With this introduction to the mechanics and physics behind drone operation, Quad kids will build their own challenges first on campus, then in the community. Next, they will move on to programming Parrot Mambo Quadcopters to navigate and recover information all from a smart phone.

Before they launch, children will experience what is like to be a drone and control a drone through an activity coined, "Human Drone." Through this activity and more, students will learn how to effectively communicate commands for desired outcomes: a social communication tool that can then be transposed to real-life interactions and high-tech coding!

The integration of gifted and talented education with social cognitive and executive functioning coaching is a trademark of The Quad Manhattan's programming. The week-long Drone program will culminate in kids researching a problem in the community that can be solved with drones, and building the solution right at camp!

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