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  • Ashley Riviere

Virtual Summer Camp, "We've been training for this all along!"

The Quad Manhattan is excited to announce virtual summer program 2020.

"It's sad that we can't be together in-person," said Managing Director, Ashley Riviere, "but we know how to individualize a camp experience already and are excited for the opportunities that an online platform will provide the kids."

The 2e experts at The Quad Manhattan have been putting together inventive ideas to engage children from afar, via video conferencing, mailed materials, and more. The program requests parent input over the next two days.

"We need to know exactly what your individual special circumstance is so that we can continue to design activities and projects according to our students’ needs," said Riviere.

Click this brief survey to help The Quad Manhattan understand.

If you believe that you have a circumstance outside of the survey's questions, or want to discuss questions that you have related to logistics, call (585) 298-7306 (Managing Director, Ashley Riviere) or send an email to

"We want to include everyone; our NYC families who are perhaps staying in the country or out at the beach, who may be in need of flexible scheduling," said Riviere.

The program is also accepting new applications from around the world from families who are in need of the structured and fun approach.

"Once we’ve analyzed your input and built concrete solutions, we will communicate next steps," said Riviere. "We are committed to making this summer a creative, amazing experience--a place where 2e kids feel at home, challenged, and safe," she adds.

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