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Summer Program 

Dates & Tuition

July 1-August 9, 2024 (6 weeks)

Tuition: $12,775.00

Quad Prep Student Tuition: $15,633.00 (includes related service fees) CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Annual Registration Fee: $115/child or $200/2+ child family

Add on services (early morning or late afternoon childcare, tutoring, etc.)

*Quad Prep families seeking reimbursement by Dept. of Education not eligible for early bird pricing. Please inquire for more information, or click here to browse Frequently Asked Questions. 


Due to the structure and design of our intensive six-week skill-building program, full participation is strongly recommended. The first week is filled with specially designed activities to ease the transition to the intimate groups where each child is carefully placed. Then over the next five weeks, special projects in core or enrichment clusters (psychosocial skill training), and  talent development. Of course, families may have vacations planned for time periods that interfere with The Quad Manhattan's Summer Programming. The 2e Experts at The Quad Manhattan suggest reviewing and planning as much as possible with the team and your child to get the most out of summer camp if time must be missed. In this case, The Quad Manhattan cannot pro-rate tuition however will do anything to support transitions in and out of camp when absolutely necessary. 

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