September 20, 2014

The Quad Preparatory School opens for 2014-15!

ellen and tris Final Brochure Fall 2014

Quad Prep welcomed its Inaugural Class of Twice Exceptional Students, ages 10-14 on September 14!

It also had a brand new website to celebrate it’s official new status!

First Fall Open House is October 27th at 6 pm!  RSVP to

July 24, 2014

Parent Training Course!

As part of The Quad Manhattan Summer Program, parents engage in training for at-home carry-over of specific strategies for teaching social skill building at home. This month, parents of children from each core gathered to learn about Collaborative Problem Solving, a strategy coined by Ross Greene in his book Lost at School. The book shifts the paradigm of working with behaviorally challenging children by understanding that “kids do well if they can.” This is a two-part workshop at The Quad, led by our consulting Childhood Psychologist, Dr. Heather Goldman; one session of explicit understandings and conceptualizing of Collaborative Problem Solving, and the second session designed to reflect and trouble-shoot the strategy after having practiced at home.

CPS Parents

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