These spinoff classes are requested and created by Quad kids. We used to take field trips on Fridays, but since we can take a virtual trip anytime to anywhere in the world this summer, we are spreading those out and moving electives in! Check out their ideas for these mini-electives, which meet regularly throughout the summer for mixed age groups.


Intermediate to Advanced Minecraft Elective: New learning experiences come into being when the opportunity to work with others is presented. Students will practice coding with Minecraft with virtual computers and robots to solve problems together on an educational Minecraft server. Then focus the students' thrill of working with virtual robots into a passion for sharing their purpose built robotics designs to overcome a variety of obstacles in today’s physical world. (Program requires Java version of Minecraft)

'Zines: This mini news writing and reporting task force will split up a series of “beats” to report on camp and world happenings throughout the summer. ‘Zines is now hiring for: film and restaurant critics, zoning reporters, fun page developers, comic strip artists, sports reporters, editors, headline writers, and more. Students will get an inside look to the world of journalism, learn how to weed out actual fake news and bias, and appeal to their audience with the cold hard facts. 


Digital Photography: Learn how to use different types of cameras and editing software from home by connecting with our instructor to learn the programs utilized by the experts to perfect the perfect shot!

Printmaking: This classic class is back, with a twist! Learn to print on multi-media surfaces including canvas, paper, and clothing this summer. Create works of art using methods old and new to tie dye, print, iron, and  wash. 


Harry Potter Potions Class w/ Snape: Ever wondered what it would be like to conjure your own polyjuice potion? Receive weekly kits, then connect with Snape himself to add the perfect pinch, dash, and flick of the wand to your own cauldron of ingredients. 

Targets: sensory

Harry Potter Herbology 101: While us muggles may not be able to transplant a Mandrake, there are plenty of plants to explore this summer. Dive into the original Rowling masterpieces to figure out which real stories and references the plants in the classic childrens’ books actually come from. 

Gamer’s Club: This elective is the perfect place to get out all the energy and thoughts related to the video games your child knows and loves. From Fortnite to Final Fantasy, the gamer’s club plays, reviews, and learns how to use gaming as a way to socialize appropriately. 


Historical Time Travel: Students create a documentary in which they travel back in time to tell a story of interest from the perspective of their choice. Learn filmmaking, editing, interviewing, and more during this inquisitorial expedition. 


Climate Activists: Students who are passionate about the environment will study how the recent pandemic has affected the climate to begin a campaign toward saving the earth. Students will team up with Greta Thunberg’s international movement consisting of real experts as if their homes are on fire to spark change.


Cold Case Manhattan: Children who are interested in crime, science, and deductive reasoning become forensic detectives and scientists to solve cases with real life analysts. Through our connections with the NYPD, students will crack open cases that have yet to be solved with a set of fresh eyes to see if they find something that the experts may have missed!


Little Foodies: Every little “ham”’s dream come true--cooking in front of a camera for an audience! From building recipes to kitchen skills and producing and taping tutorials for fellow foodies, the little foodies of The Quad YouTube network allows kids to experiment with new tastes, textures, and flavor combinations! Weekly segments will be available to families and friends. We supply the ingredients for success, you supply the kitchen! By the end of the summer, the Foodie Blog will be published to share for years to come!


“Core” Mystery Box of the Week: Earn badges to your ‘Superflex’ ® cape by completing secret missions delivered by mail. Connect with your core teacher and core mates throughout the week to reveal clues and strategies toward solving riddles, problems, and more! Defeat the team of Unthinkables!


Everybody has a story to tell: Similar to the segment, “Humans of NY”, students will post a call for individuals who wish to share their stories and experiences. They will draft questions, and let the human subjects guide the original podcast interviews, official title TBD by the students. 


QuadPRODS: In its third year, this elective levels up by incorporating all theater students and their unique interests and strengths to pull off an original theatrical production. Complete with storyboarding, scripting, set building, costume design, lighting, directors, original score, and more, our musicians, techies, and thespians collide to create a one-of-a-kind show.


Beyond the sing-a-long: You’ve learned the words, you’ve learned the tunes, now learn how to play the music of your favorite Disney and Broadway songs with music instructor Leslie Frost. Perform your favs on FUNky Fridays Karaoke Parties!


Biomimicry & Music: Ever wonder why some melodies are naturally appealing to the ear? Dissect music’s most famously gifted compositions (and the notoriously heinous) to prove why some songs are just better than others and finally put the debate to rest this summer! We bet you’ll be surprised to know that the connection has a lot to do with math and nature's design. 


YouTube Production: Whether you want to make a Minecraft Let’s Play, a daily vlog or a sketch comedy show, this class will show you how to use the tools already on your computer to create an engaging YouTube video. Learn to use screen capture and video editing software to create gaming videos, or learn the basics of storytelling to write your own sketches! Finally learn to format your video for YouTube and how to upload it to your channel (with parent permission).  

Virtual Book Club: A spin-off of reader's workshop (below), virtual book club allows smaller groups of children to dive into a common, more targeted text of their choice. Whether they enjoy a book that they've already read once more, sharing it with peers as experts, or try something newly recommended, virtual book club is another place for 2e kids to be themselves and practice the cornerstone social/emotional and executive functioning skills.